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About the Africa HR Forum & Career Fair 2021

The Africa HR Forum is a Pan-African conference that seeks to provide a unique opportunity for Human Resource Leaders & practitioners across Africa to share ideas on innovative approaches that elevate industrial standards and discuss challenges associated with their practice. 

The first edition of the Africa HR Forum Webinars, celebrated in the summer of 2020, were a pro-active solution identification platform that engaged stakeholders, including key decision-makers and government officials, operating in various key sectors that contribute towards the development of the African economy.  The objective for the 2020 session was to understand the effects of COVID-19 on the African and EG business environment and its impact on key industries and subsequently outline measures to be implemented for the 

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revitalization of these industries and ultimately the economy. To this effect, the 2020 Africa HR Forum Webinars informed the general public about the effects of COVID-19 on key sectors and the overall economy, identified policy responses to be implemented to mitigate the effects of the crisis, and forecasted policy reforms and sustainable solutions to be implemented following the crisis. The 2020 Africa HR Forum was indeed a Pan-African platform with over 27 African countries represented and attended by 577 professionals operating in various sectors of the economy. 

The second edition will mark the beginning of a revolution that will encourage the growth and implementation of effective human resource practice across Africa through the exchange of knowledge and strong partnerships. The 2021 Africa HR Forum seeks to further enhance the Africa HR Forum experience for the growth of the HR practice across the continent, by highlighting current challenges and uniting stakeholders at all levels, to address these issues and ultimately chart a path forward. 

Why Attend the AHRF & Career Fair?

Genuine & Relevant Discussions: The Conference will be two (2) days of learning and sharing of knowledge on issues related to Employee Productivity, Training & Capacity Building and Talent Management and Development.

Unequal Networking Opportunities: The 2021 Africa HR Forum presents the opportunity for Pan-African HR professionals at all career levels to interact with their peers in the industry, to discuss and share personable ideas on growth strategies and partnerships.

Partnership & Strategic Alliances: The Forum is consecrated to present an opportunity for business leaders in HR to promote cross border partnerships, strategic alliances and provide room for the commencement of significant business deals such as M&As, JVs and Network partnerships in the HR sector.

Employment & Career Opportunities: The 2021 Africa HR Forum is consecrated to simultaneously providing organizations access to a substantial number of qualified candidates and to provide job seekers with employment opportunities and information.

The AHRF HR Awards: The AHRF Awards shall recognize leading figures in HR and encourage a more competitive and productive human resource industry across Africa. Companies and individuals will be recognized for their commitment and showcase of excellence in 3 key categories: Human Resource and TechnologyLocal Content Compliance and MonitoringEmployee Relations and Wellbeing. 


The 2021 Africa HR Forum & Career Fair seeks to promote the spirit of partnership within the Pan-African Human Resource Industry and encourages networking that could lead to sustainable partnerships and business deals.  

Find more information about the category of professionals you will meet below: 

♦   Senior level government officials for Labor & Employment Matters & Social Security.

♦   HR Practitioners & Consultants

♦   In-house Human Resource Managers

♦   CEOs, Company Owners/Directors, Recruiters

♦   Talent Acquisition Specialists

♦   HR Software & Technology Service Firms

♦   Job seekers: Graduates, Young professionals

♦   Private Sector Organizations (across all industries) 

Keynote Speakers
& Panelists

Our Keynote Speakers will showcase global industry knowledge, offering insight and solutions to practical challenges associated with human resource business practice and allied technological innovations that are changing HR practice. Our Keynote Speakers comprise key decision-makers, including Government leaders and Leaders of HR Associations, Directors & CEOs of companies/organizations 

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