Lola Faleti – Creating High-Trust and High-Performance Teams

September 21, 2023
Webinar event

The Speaker's Bio

Lola Faleti is currently an HR Business Partner at NYSHEX, where she supports the organization to align business strategy and People strategy. An HR professional of 7+ years, she has held roles at SGN Group, Accenture, and Sundae. Lola is extremely passionate about creating a culture of transparency and safety where employees can bring their best selves, and therefore do their best work.

When she is not tackling HR problems, you can find her trying restaurants in her neighborhood in Brooklyn, coaching clients, or crocheting blankets with her cat.

Topic Synopsis

The webinar will open with the “what” of a coaching culture: what it is & isn’t, how it correlates with different styles of leadership, and some of the ways it is used to drive results in an organization. I will ask participants if they have ever been coached at anything before, and to share their experience with that.
The webinar will continue with the “why” of a coaching culture: tying their shared experiences from the previous section into why successful organizations foster such a culture. Greater organizational efficiency, better communication among teams, employees have a greater sense of wellbeing and are more focused and productive.

The webinar will end with the “how”:

  • Ensuring team members are aligned with organizational goals at all levels.
  • Being thoughtful with the management structure regarding how many direct reports a manager should have as well as taking the “coach” vs. manager title approach.
  • Implementing 1:1s as the foundation of the culture and how to conduct effective ones.
  • How career pathing can be useful as a part of a coaching culture.

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Lola Faleti – Creating High-Trust and High-Performance Teams