Lola Adeyemo – Thriving in Intersectionality: Immigrants, Belonging, and Corporate America

March 3, 2023
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Author's Biography

Lola M. Adeyemo is a TEDx speaker, Entrepreneur and scientist by discipline turned certified diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) practitioner. She is the founder and CEO of EQImindset, an organization that focuses on building inclusive corporate workplaces through programs such as employee resource groups (ERGs). As an immigrant, she started the Non-Profit Immigrants in Corporate Inc. specifically to address a need for community and support for immigrant professionals.
Lola is a wife and mom of three. She believes the best part of living the crazy, corporate entrepreneur life is following her passion and purpose in her career while having enough control over her schedule to enjoy family time.

Book synopsis

Lola M. Adeyemo’s Thriving in Intersectionality explores immigrant status and its intersection with other under-represented identities within the corporate work culture in America. Adeyemo uses the experiences and lessons from her life and the lives of over thirty immigrant women who are thriving in their environments as a basis for insightful anyalsis. She offers an insider’s perspective — the whys and wherefores to those wishing to give support to others.
Thriving in Intersectionality addresses some of the biggest concerns while offering consideration to include those of different backgrounds, genders, religions, and ethnicities. You will read of:
  • Actions to leverage cultural uniqueness in the corporate workplace.
  • Impact of the legal barriers and challenges to obtain and maintain a job.
  • Building a supportive community and what you can do.
Lola Adeyemo highlights the perspectives and issues for individuals at the intersection of gender, ethnicity, and race as well as immigration policies impacting the ability to thrive at work. Immigrant women and international students getting ready to transition to the corporate world will relate to these stories and get tools to navigate their careers in corporate America. Business leaders and DEI practitioners will gain insights on building inclusive workplaces for immigrants.


Lola Adeyemo – Thriving in Intersectionality: Immigrants, Belonging, and Corporate America