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  • Day 1

    May 21, 2020

    • Welcome words from the organizers or MC of Africa HR Forum & Career Fair
    • The national anthem of Equatorial Guinea
    • Welcome speech by H.E. Mayor of Malabo
    • Speech: President of African HR Confederation
    • Speech: Representative of the International Labor Organization for Central Africa.
    • Speech: Minister of Labor, Employment Promotion and Social Security of Equatorial Guinea
    • Speech: Minister of Public Function of Equatorial Guinea
    • Official Opening Address by the Prime Minister of the Government of Equatorial Guinea.

  • Visiting of the Career Fair stands, led by the Prime Minister and accompanied by Government ministers and their counterparts from invited countries.

  • Sala Magna _ Topic: Human capital development policy in Africa: evaluation of successes, challenges and growth prospects.
    Presentation:Minister of Employment (5min)

  • Magna room Key Notes for Ministerial leaders _ Public administration route: Barriers, Limitations and Successes.

  • Sala Magna _ Topic: Communication and exchange between companies and the Ministry of Labor, Employment Promotion and Social Security of G.E.

  • Sala Magna _ Topic: Challenges of national contracting: The labour conflict in the private sector

    Key Points
    • The forms of mediation of labor disputes
    • Talk about compensation payments in G.E.

  • Press Conference
    Presentation of the first-day resolutions

  • Day 2

    May 22, 2020

  • Sala Magna _ Theme: Problems of human trafficking, child labor, forced labor and social protection in Equatorial Guinea


  • Sala Magna _ Theme: Pan-African administrative standards and reforms: Essential tools for administrative coordination


  • Sala Magna _ Theme: Workforce technology and human capital management in Africa: trends, challenges and perspectives

    • Data collection, analysis and reports in the human resources sector: Africa is being lost?
    • Importance of the Performance Indicators (KPI) report _ How iCUBEFARM collects its data to analyze the labor market

    Panel Session:

  • Sala Magna _ Topic: The state of the African workforce: Challenges and Prospects for employability in the African Labor market

  • Sala Magna _ Topic: Develop & Capacity Building for effective labour content.

    Moderator: Private sector CEO or human resources expert

    • Director of INTHGE
    • Director of the San José Obrero School
    • Director of October 12
    • Recruitment Agency Directors (Nomex, Don Luis, Apegesa, Caba, etc.)

  • Sala Magna _ Topic: Partnering for Human Capital: The relevance of public-private partnerships in the fight against unemployment.

    Moderated:An international human resources expert or a journalist

    • Director of the Ministry of Labor
    • Staff recruitment agencies
    • Human Resources Association
    • International labor experts (ILO, UA, United Nations)
    • The representative of a youth association

    • Presentation of the event report
    • Closing address for the African Confederation of Human Resources
    • Closing address for the ILO
    • Closing address by the Prime Minister of the Government of Equatorial Guinea
    • Awards